Why Won’t My Garage Door Close

May 05, 2023

If your garage door won’t close and you’re wondering why there may be a few possible explanations. This article will look at the most common causes of a malfunctioning garage door and how to solve them.

Check Your Garage Doors Remote Control

One of the most common causes of a garage door not closing is interference from an external source, such as another remote control or wireless device operating in the same frequency range. To check if this might be the case, try standing further away from the garage and see if it closes when operated with just the wall switch.

If that works, but the remote control doesn’t, move any electronic devices away from the area (or unplug them) and try again; doing so should help eliminate any potential interferences causing problems.

Check for Obstructions in Garage Door Opener

Another possibility is that something (or someone!) is obstructing the sensors along your garage door’s movement path; these play an important role in safety and operation functions by alerting the system if anything or anyone is underneath when the door closes!

To check for obstructions, try slowly opening/closing the system manually while visually inspecting the surrounding area on either side of the tracks; small items such as leaves or toys can easily get caught up within rollers, preventing proper alignment between sensors and the opener unit.

Additionally, depending on your specific configuration – ensure that all photoelectric eyes remain aligned accordingly (the same goes for visible wires, too!).

Test Garage Door Electrical Connections

Finally, check the electrical connections between the opener controller and the power unit.

To do so, make sure both units are attached securely before turning off the wall switch supplying power via the breaker box—now press the button on the remote or wall switch.

If nothing happens after checking the wire connections from the garage door opener to the controller, then the most likely problem lies with the prior component! Verify electricity output beforehand via a voltage meter to confirm one way or another. Before resetting the controller, make any necessary adjustments and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Call Garage Door Specialists for Help

For more detailed instructions on troubleshooting any issues regarding your particular model/style of garage door opener and parts, contact Garage Door Specialists for professional help. With over 40 years of experience, we’re happy to answer any questions!

Our expert technicians will be able to diagnose and repair your malfunctioning garage door in no time so that you can get back to the business of life. Stop wondering why your garage door won’t close.

The Garage Door Specialists team looks forward to helping you with your garage door needs. Contact us today! Let us be your one-stop shop for all things related to garage door repair and installation. We will make sure your problem is solved quickly and correctly.

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