How to Secure Your Garage: Tips for a Safer Home

Mar 15, 2024

When it comes to safeguarding your home in Wisconsin, ensuring the security of your garage is paramount. Garage Door Specialists, a family-owned and operated company based in Neenah, WI, understands the unique challenges residents face in maintaining a secure home environment. Let’s explore the best practices for garage safety.

Garage Entry Security Tips

You can secure your garage against break-ins by:

  • Thinking like a burglar – Take a moment to assess your garage’s vulnerability. Walk around the exterior, identifying potential weak points. This perspective can be enlightening in understanding how a burglar might attempt to gain access.
  • Locking your garage doors – Ensure your garage doors are always locked, especially if you have manually operated doors. For added security, use padlocks during vacations.
  • Zip-tying your emergency door release – An inexpensive yet effective tip is to secure the automatic garage door opener’s emergency release with a zip tie.
  • Not leaving your doors open unnecessarily – Avoid unnecessary exposure by keeping your garage doors closed when not in use. An open garage is an invitation to potential burglars.
  • Upgrading your outdated garage door opener – Older garage door openers can be vulnerable to break-ins. Consider upgrading to a modern, secure model with rolling code technology for enhanced protection.
  • Covering your garage windows – Prevent prying eyes by covering garage windows. Options include complete coverage, blinds, or frosted glass designs that allow sunlight while obscuring the view inside.
  • Improving your exterior lighting – Well-lit exteriors deter burglars, so consider installing motion-activated lighting strategically around your garage and home perimeter. Regularly inspect and maintain the lighting for optimal effectiveness.
  • Ensuring your garage doors are in good condition – A well-maintained garage door enhances curb appeal and improves security. Replace outdated doors with modern styles to minimize potential entry points for burglars.
  • Upgrading your garage service and access doors – Pay attention to the quality and security of all doors, including the garage service door and interior access door. Install deadbolt locks and reinforcement kits for added protection.
  • Using a remote opener on a keychain – Eliminate the risk of leaving your garage door opener in your vehicle by using a keychain remote opener. This small adjustment can significantly enhance your home’s security.
  • Collaborating with neighbors – Partner with your neighbors to create a united front against potential security threats. Establishing a neighborhood watch or communication system allows residents to promptly share information.
  • Scheduling regular maintenance checks – Proactive maintenance is key to preserving the functionality and security of your garage doors. Schedule regular inspections to identify and address any wear, tear, or potential vulnerabilities.
  • Installing a garage security system – Visible security systems, such as alarms and cameras, act as powerful deterrents. Invest in a garage security system to protect your property effectively.

Protect Your Wisconsin Home

Fortifying your garage security is a proactive step towards creating a safer home in Wisconsin. Garage Door Specialists is ready to assist you in implementing garage door and garage door opener upgrades and repairs. Contact Garage Door Specialists today to schedule a free consultation and let us be your trusted partner in securing your garage and ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

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